Jack De La Piedra De La Piedra Law Firm
Dean’s expert opinions regarding my client’s credit impairment damages helped achieve a remarkable settlement in a breach of contract lawsuit against a major insurance company. Dean was easy to work with and had no problem speaking directly with my client. His fees are reasonable and he returned every one of my emails and phone calls promptly. In short, he’s a real pro. I could not proffer a higher recommendation of him.

George G. Weickhardt Ropers, Majeski, Kohn & Bentley PC
Thank you for your excellent work and your excellent expert report on this case (Jensen v Chase). Your experience in both the credit and credit reporting industries was particularly valuable. You spotted some issues in the case which I had not spotted myself.

Phillip David Haskett
I would highly recommend Mr. Dean Binder as an expert witness for anyone with a credit damage or FCRA case. In 2012 I prosecuted a FCRA claim in federal court against one of the major credit reporting bureaus for failure to follow reasonable dispute processing procedures that had resulted in damages to my credit report. Mr. Binder’s expertise was invaluable and his expert report resulted in a substantial confidential settlement that I doubt would have been possible without his assistance.


Mark A. Glumac Isaac Wiles Burkholder & Tetor

I would recommend Dean Binder to anyone seeking an expert witness for FCRA issues. Mr. Binder was great to work with, willing to adjust his schedule to meet our deadlines, and his knowledge of the credit industry was extremely beneficial. The fact that he used to work for one of the major credit reporting agencies is an added bonus.


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