"Are You Looking for a Credit / FCRA Expert Witness or a Credit Damage Expert Witness?"

Please Contact Dean Binder at 678-549-8920

Dean Binder is an accomplished expert on credit reporting, credit scoring, credit fraud and credit damages. He is a long time veteran of the consumer credit industry including time with FICO and Equifax. He has been hired or consulted as an expert witness in over 75 credit related cases serving both Plaintiffs and Defendants. He is twice FCRA certified by the Consumer Data Industry Association.

Dean is available for hire for Plaintiffs or Defendants involved in credit litigation or as a consultant to help access the validity of a case prior to filing.

Credit Expert Witness
Dean can perform the following:

  • Credit Damage Assessment
  • FCRA Violation Assessment
  • Economic Damage Assessment
  • Reasonable Credit Procedures Assessment of Data Furnishers and Credit Bureaus
  • Credit Report Analysis
  • Credit Scoring Analysis
  • Fraud Analysis
  • Deposition Preparation
  • Discovery Preparation
  • Complaint Preparation
  • Expert Report
  • Declarations
  • Adverse Expert Rebuttal Report
  • Trial Testimony
  • Deposition Testimony