Dean Binder, Credit / FCRA Expert Witness, Binder Group Consulting

Credit Expert With Experience


Dean has 20 years of experience in the consumer credit industry including positions with Equifax Credit Information Services, one of the three recognized national credit reporting agencies, and the Fair Isaac Corporation/Fico (inventors of the FICO credit scoring system). In addition, Dean has also served as Finance and Insurance Manager at Morgan RV’s and worked with lending sources to secure financing.

Dean has a significant amount of relevant experience in the credit industry including time spent performing the following tasks at Fair Isaac, Equifax, and Morgan:

Dean gained his credit reporting experience during his time at Equifax Credit Information Services. He spent those years in various roles, including as a Quality Assurance Specialist, a Maintenance Operator, and as a Manager of a team of consumer service agents, which handled thousands of consumer contacts (both by telephone and mail) on a daily basis as part of the consumer credit dispute process. In addition, he has reviewed, modified, or corrected well over 100,000 consumer credit reports in his time at Equifax.

While at Equifax, Dean managed the Fraud Investigation Team functions, including the dispute reinvestigation process and adherence to productivity and quality expectations. He worked closely with identity fraud victims to determine the accuracy and validity of their fraud claims. As a Quality Assurance Specialist, he was responsible for checking the accuracy and integrity of Equifax Consumer teams such as Consumer Fraud Victims, Mixed Credit Files, Credit Repair Clinics, Credit File Disputes, and CDV/ACDV processing (Consumer Dispute Verification forms.)

Dean gained his credit scoring expertise at FICO. FICO is best known for its work in credit risk score development. Their core product, the “FICO” Credit Score, is widely known in the consumer credit and lending environment and is by far the dominant credit risk score used in the financial services industry.

In addition to his time at Equifax and FICO, Dean has worked as a lender as a Finance and Insurance Manager at an RV dealership. He was responsible for working directly with lenders to secure financing for consumers purchasing large ticket recreational vehicles. His duties included pulling and analyzing credit reports and FICO scores and matching applicant credit risk with the most appropriate loan product, given the consumer’s credit history and score.

To date, Dean has been retained by Plaintiffs and Defendants in nearly 100 consumer credit cases.

Publications: – By invitation, served as a credit expert for a personal finance website called FiLife is an IAC/Dow Jones joint venture.
The New York Times – By invitation, served as a Credit/Credit Score blogger for NY Times.


Twice FCRA Certified by the CDIA (Consumer Data Industry Association)

Recent cases include:

• Jensen v JP Morgan Chase & Co U.S.D.C., S.D. California.
• White/Hernandez, et al. v. Experian Information Solutions, Inc. et al. U.S.D.C C.D or California, Class Action
• Johnson v Macy’s Retail Holding Inc. Gwinnett County Civil
• John R. Gilbert v TruWest Credit Union U.S.S.C State of Arizona
• Tom Gallaway v Dell Financial Services State of South Carolina
• Nicholas Hariton v Chase U.S.D.C Central California
• Chase v Frank Severino Circuit Court of the Seventh Judicial Circuit, in and for Volusia County Florida
• Judy D. Wright v. TransUnion, LLC, Equifax Information Services Civil Action
• Nagy v Standard Insurance Co, U.S.D.C Central California
• Wells Fargo v. Cherveny, U.S.S.C New York
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07-16-0005-1850                                                                                                             • Demeta Reyes, individually and on behalf of all others similarly situated v. Experian Information Solutions, U.S.D.C Central District of California, Class Action
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